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As a preamble, all of the testimonials are from real honest to goodness subscribers. ToonClipart is new so the testimonials have been garnered from my Toonaday subscribers. Toonaday has been functioning on the web for 14 years.
My mom wanted to add her two cents but I turned her down. I have values...

"Wonderful, Awesome, Great! Ron's "toons" are always so fresh and how else would one ever be able to afford their own personal artist, Ron does fantastic "request" toons, when you need that special graphic for cards and such, gives it that personal touch. You're GREAT, dude!"
Lone, Washington

Thank you for putting up with my never-ending requests for frogs all these years! Your subscription service, toons, and you, are TOAD-ally awesome! The clipart is perfectly suited for my machine embroidery designs and you have made many fellow frog-fans and me very hoppy!
Donna S.
Florida (

I've been a subscriber to Toon-a-day for almost the entire series. I've used them extensively in both my website (; my wife's site ( and to illustrate my scientific presentations and classes. They're a hoot as well as an outstanding value.
Leo Bores
Scottsdale, Arizona

I have enjoyed Toonaday for a few years now. They are fantastic!!! I am the soccer registrar for a soccer club and have not only used the toons as they come to me but have requested toons for my coaches, the executive, mini tournaments newsletters and even my son's teams.
They are enjoyed by all. Keep up the good work!!!
Maggie Montague
Maple Ridge, British Columbia

"I stumbled across Ron's Toonaday service on the Internet in the mid-90s. "That's neat" I thought,"I will give it a whirl". Since then I have used Ron's artwork on my work website which changes on a daily basis, and have always recieved enthusiastic and positive comments from the 3000-odd students who use my computer center. I can't think of a day without a "Toonaday" file waiting in my mailbox for me, and Ron is always open to include ideas of mine in his cartoons. Excellent value for your money!"
David Wiles (
Cape Town, South Africa

Thanks to Toonaday, I now have a huge archive of eye-catching, consistently styled, high quality cartoons to liven up what could otherwise be rather dry material. When I need a specific cartoon which I cannot find in my archives, Ron is quick to respond with a custom "toon" drawn per my request. Toonaday is by far the best value I've found!
Dottie Lechtenberg
The NIA Group of Companies
Santa Cruz, California

I publish a healthy-lifestyle newsletter. Ron's toons draw our readers eyes to small articles or healthy tidbits we feature. We get great reviews on the toons and their ability to make our patients smile.
David Rainey
Seaside, Oregon

Since I started subscribing to Toonaday, I have used the genius of Ron's cartoons from everything to family letters to all the websites I develop to marketing the companies I own! I am constantly astounded by Ron's brilliant ability to convert concepts to cartoons. You need to subscribe to this service!
Christina Reynolds
Huntsville, Alabama

Waking up each morning to discover Ron's latest daily toon in my email is a delight. They're creative, fresh, often hilarious, relevant, and versatile. Where else are you going to be able to commission a cartoonist for a specific use for such a price?
Scott Cummins
Portland, Oregon

As a marketing professional who gives presentations to multiple industries (and sits through hundreds of them every year), I can say that nothing loses an audience's attention quicker than a lack of visual stimulation. But what's just as bad is using old, amateurish, easy-to-spot clip art; artwork that has no relevancy to what is being presented; or loud graphics that just annoy rather than compliment your information.
Cartoons can be an excellent solution for perking up your audience, holding their attention, and building on their interest from beginning to end. Ron Leishman's unique cartoon style is excellent for captivating audiences across all industries I've presented to. Ron isn't just your typical illustrator; he understands the business side of cartooning (i.e. he doesn't draw for himself, he draws for the intended audience). Not only do his toons get a chuckle or three with my audiences, but they make people remember what you have to say and engage you in conversations afterwards. Even for a guy like myself who has to give presentations for speciality fields such as search engine marketing or usability testing, Ron's toons leave an impact with my audiences that is best described as friendly, appealing, and surprisingly persuasive.
I keep getting asked back to give my presentations and to larger crowds each year; but sometimes I wonder if they're having me back just for for or so they can see which new custom cartoons Ron will be showing!
Grant Crowell
Chicago, Ilinois Grant Crowell is the Principal of Grantastic Designs, a web design firm specializing in search engine optimized, user-friendly web sites.

At the second day of my free trial of toon of a day I decided to become a subscriber and since that day Ron always (I mean a 95% more or less) surprise me. I wish to draw like him. Keep your humour and take care.
Alejandro Henriquez
Canary Islands

As a sales professional, I'm constantly looking for new and unique art for my sales literature. Without a doubt, Toonaday meets and exceeds all my requirements. Year after year, Ron has been able to produce the most creative and expressive cartoons you'll find anywhere on the internet. If you are looking for the best, if you require the best, if you won't settle for anything but the best....join the happy campers like me and subscribe to Toonaday.
Steve Plotkin
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Yes, I wish to renew. Whatever you want to do is just fine with me.
I enjoy sooooooooo much your daily toons...........the toons and you have become my friends. I hope that we can meet someday.
Ray Krug
Golden, Colorado

Your CDs are very important to me. I keep an eye on them all the time and trust nobody. What do I do to protect them at night? Well, just as my Tilley pants have a hidden passport pocket, my pajamas have a hidden Toon CD pocket. My wife says that I walk funny getting ready for bed. Is there a toon idea there?
Ross MacDonald
Waterloo Ontario

I can't tell you the amount of time I've spent on the net searching for half decent cartoon graphics, and unless there's a website I've missed, your cartoons are the best.
Valerie Boudreau
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

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