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As a child, I always wanted to be a mountie (as in ‘Royal Canadian Mounted Police’) but when I discovered that they didn’t get to ride horses all the time and didn’t get to wear those nifty red coats every day (red being the favorite color of my youth) I decided that the next best thing was being a cartoonist. Over the years, I've been involved in greeting card design, logo design, animation, newspaper editorial cartooning, book illustration and worked on a plethora (that’s a great word that you just can’t slide into every conversation) of related projects.

As a sidebar you might be interested to know that I was also the original creator of the comic book hero, Captain Canuck.

I also recently created my first iPhone app called PiranhaPool and am working with a developer on creating a ToonClipart themed app.

I discovered the internet in early 1996 and decided that it was time to put away my crayons and see if I couldn’t put my talents to work digitally. And so I launched my first site, Toonaday. Toonaday started with one subscriber in April of 1996. The concept was simple: provide subscribers with a new cartoon clipart image every day, 365 days of the year.

I also wanted to give my subscribers an opportunity to have input into the kinds of images they need. Most sites just give you a large selection of images and you can only hope you’ll eventually find the right one. Toonaday was to be different because I wanted it to be subscriber driven. And so subscribers could request particular images to suit their needs.

Fifteen years and well over 5000 unique images later, it was time to take advantage of my archives and so ToonClipart was born. Users were looking for more toons to choose from, not just one per day. ToonClipart subscribers now have access to all the toons in my collection. And just as before, subscribers can make requests for that hard to find image.

So if you really need that obscure toon of a pig juggling goldfish on a unicyle... Oh wait a minute, I already did that one...

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digital toon clipart by Ron Leishman